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Mar 18, 2018
8:55 AM
Three Years ago I purchased your article/protocol information after I rescued and adopted my Dog, Max who came to me “positive” for HeartWorms. I used SCRAM by Healthforce and it worked beautifully. Vet tested him after I finished a three month treatment, and it came back negative and has been for three years now. My question is, after three years of your info HAS anything changed per info/article/Protocol? I wanted to make sure to stay “Up To Date” Thank you so much Jeff & Family You are our Hero ~ Always and Forever Grateful!
Jeff (author)
Apr 04, 2018
1:42 PM
Nope! I did create a 2nd edition of the report in Sept of 2017. Nothing changed with the Scram protocol or dosing though!

Reach me at for an updated copy if you like.

Jeff Battershaw
Nov 16, 2018
5:06 PM
I have a 6lb chihuahua with IBD from her last rabies vaccine. I now take her to an integrative vet, but she has no insight concerning a natural alternative to prevention for heartworms. She has my Zippy on a custom tincture that has helped her tremendously. Ofcourse, I still have to be strict with her diet. I am afraid to give her any preventative HW medicine to her, or her sister who is the same size. The possible side affects are similar to IBD so I don't think she should be taking it. But I am ofcourse concerned about them getting HW. Is it difficult to get a dosage for such small dogs to prevent worms? I guess another question is, would there be a problem with whats in her tincture with the HW prevention items?
Thank you! Joanne
1 post
Nov 16, 2018
8:27 PM
I have been giving my dogs Tahitian noni juice with meals and at bed. It was to help the healing process with the IBD, but it seems its anti parasitic properties may be helping in more ways than expected. I found numerous articles. Here is one:

Wish I knew if it helps keep all worms banished.

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